The Trailers

Green caravan - Les chardonnerets

Under the sign of good fortune, when we think of caravan we think of gypsies, bohemians, fortune tellers. With a decoration inspired by "good fortune and tarot", luck awaits you in the green trailer!

Red caravan - Les mésanges

A wink to the Romanian or Ukrainian bohemia with the red caravan! Come and relax after a day of wandering in a universe populated by dolls and matriochkas.

Blue caravan - Les hirondelles

A superb caravan with blue contours, decorated on the theme of music...
"There is an air for which I would give, all Rossini, all Mozart and all Weber, a very old, languid and funereal air which has for me alone secret charms."
Fantasy by Gérard de Nerval - Translated from French

Yellow caravan - Les rouges-georges

In the circus-themed trailer, close your eyes and the show can begin! Imagine the clowns, the jugglers, the stuntmen. But with the horses under your window, you may not have dreamed...