Montsegur Castle

The most historic Cathar castle in the Pyrenees

Standing on a rock (Pog) at 1207 m altitude, the castle of Montsegur is the seat of the Cathars, followers of a dualistic religion declared heretical by the pope in the 13th century.

In 1243, an army of 10,000 men sent by the King of France and the Pope laid siege to the fortress. This siege lasted about 11 months, until its tragic end: the besieged surrendered on 16 March 1244 and there were more than 230 Cathars who, not wanting to deny their faith, went to the stake.

The Montsegur Historical and Archaeological Museum in Ariège

The museum is located in the village of Montsegur and exhibits the discoveries of excavations on the site of the castle: balls, scissors, weapons, and everyday objects in the 13th century. It is also a permanent exhibition on catharism in Ariège.

Château - 09300 Montségur (30 min from the farm